Professional Reading-A How-To

Professional Readings Often authors will book a time at local book stores or other venues to perform readings of their book. It’s especially fun to hear the original author read their book aloud because they can read it just the way it was meant to be read! Audio books and readings by volunteers at public libraries are also what I would consider professional readings. In every situation, it’s vital that you help the listener to feel something. As well as being a good reader, there are a few things every professional and public reader should adhere to. Be Professional You’re a professional, so this seems like a no-brainer! I’ve been to a few readings where the writer is late, and it sure puts a damper on things. I’ve also been to readings where the writer makes the audience feel inferior, and that’s no fun. For the most part, the audience is there for the author (you) as much as the book. If you’re a professional writer doing a public reading, act accordingly! Remember to say thank you to the...

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Reading to Children, Feeding the Mind

Children If I could pick one group of people to read to for the rest of my life it would be children. Children always appreciate a good book, and they appreciate it when it’s read well. The Department of Education states that: “The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success is reading aloud to children.” So how do you keep a child’s attention? What’s in it for you? Helping Children Discover Reading aloud to a child is a great way to help them learn. Learn how to read and eventually learn specific topics. Research is clear that children who read with or are read to are better students and learners. Reading is an adventure you and a child can take together. Few things are as magical as seeing a group of children huddled as close as possible to a reader at a library or in the classroom. Use your voice and your actions to help children experience the book to the fullest! Getting Started The great thing about books is you can take them...

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Recording Audiobooks

Audiobooks-You Read, They Listen Perhaps you’ve decided to record an audiobook. I still remember listening to books on tape that my dad recorded into an old tape recorder. We would listen to them on long car trips and by the time we got to our destination we wouldn’t want to get out of the car because we were enjoying the book! Audiobooks are a great way to give other access to your book without going to the library and getting a physical copy. You don’t need to be a professional to record a book, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. Reading and Recording-Pro Tips Record a demo first! The microphone will need to be at just the right distance to capture the best sound. Too close and the reading will sound distorted. Too far and you’ll pick up all the noise around you. Listen to yourself on head phones and on speakers to make sure both formats sound good. Keep this in mind: Read the way you’d want to be read to. Nobody wants...

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Expand the Mind-Book Reading

Recent News

  • Choosing The Right Elopement Package In Napa

    Posted by Brandon Johnson on Oct 1, 2014

    Getting married is supposed to be about solidifying the union between you and the one you love. Unfortunately, traditional weddings are often more about showing off for an audience and less about the way you feel. This is why many couples have made the decision to elope. Many places in Napa are understanding of this, and they offer elopement packages for these people. If you are interested in purchasing one and you are not sure which to choose, the following information should be of help to you. The Number Of Benefits Trying to plan an elopement can often be as confusing and stress-filled as planning a traditional ceremony. This is why choosing a Napa elopement package that offers extensive benefits is a good idea. The more they are willing to assist you with, the lower the amount of stress and strain you will experience during this time. Common benefits include: Extensive theme options Private dinner for the couple and their guests An ordained minister to officiate A skilled elopement photographer Lodging More benefits generally means that the package will cost more, but you still stand to pay substantially less than you would if you had planned a large wedding. The Best Photographer Since many of your friends and family will not be present for your ceremony, it is important for you to have great pictures taken to commemorate the moment. While a great deal of the elopement packages you come across will include a photographer, that does not mean that you will have the best quality pictures. This is because some places have random staff members assigned to the...

  • Sinister Scares For An Entertaining Adult Party

    Posted by Brandon Johnson on Sep 29, 2014

    Even the most seasoned part planner may come up against a request that boggles the imagination. Whether you’re a pro or are planning an at-home birthday bash, finding the right match between the entertainment and the guest of honor can become a challenge. Add on a clown request and you can have a true conundrum. While clowns are common-place in kiddie parties, the typical water-squirting flower, over-sized shoes and big red nose won’t cut it for teens or adults. If you’re organizing a more adult fete, get creative and consider a clown of a different sorts. There’s a growing trend towards “evil clowns” that terrify and thrill more mature party-goers. What’s an Evil Clown? Scary or evil clowns play to childhood nightmarish fears That said, it’s all done in good fun. Think Pennywise in Stephen King’s “It” or the joker in “Batman” to create a mental picture of the not-so-childish version of the usually-jovial entertainer. Inspired by these creepy characters, evil clown entertainers shock, surprise, and delight scary-movie fanatics with their real-life antics. These party performers often go well-beyond simply showing up and entertaining. For example, famed Swiss performer Dominic Deville starts his performance  well in advance of the actual party, according to the United Press International. Deville, like other similar performers, sends texts, letters and even makes phone calls to the birthday gal or guy all while in character. On the party day, he shows up to scare with a cake in the face. Audiences for This Scary Party Entertainer While an evil clown delights the scary movie buff, they aren’t for everyone. These entertainers aren’t child-friendly. Parents need...

  • Unique Wedding Photography Ideas To Capture Every Moment

    Posted by Brandon Johnson on Sep 27, 2014

    For many couples, wedding photos are one of the most important details when it comes to planning the big day, as weddings are a significant life milestone and every moment should be documented. If you are busy planning your nuptials and want to ensure that your wedding album consists of memorable and candid moments, here are some unique wedding photography ideas that are sure to capture the day perfectly.   The Bride and Bridal Party Before the Wedding There is often no closer bond than that of a bride and her bridal party, and the candid moments prior to a wedding are definitely worth remembering. Unique photos that depict bridesmaids getting their makeup done or helping the bride into her dress work well to capture the touching and emotional moments that occur behind the scenes, as well as naturally reflect the sisterly connection between the bride and her loyal attendants. The Groom and His Merry Men Similar to a bride and her bridesmaids, grooms also share a special bond with their groomsmen that “only guys can understand.” While formally posed photos of the groom and his party are a definite must for any wedding album, there is also something especially endearing about candid moments of “boys being boys.” Photo moments such as the groom and his buddies tossing a football outside of the church or high-fiving one another before the ceremony help to capture the lighthearted bonding moments that occur between men. The Lone Wedding Dress For many brides, there is nothing more important than finding the absolute perfect wedding dress, and there is no better way to immortalize...

Professional Reading

Professional readings are an important way to spread the news about your books. Keep the reading short and sweet so those who attend leave wanting more.

Reading with Kids

Children that grow up being read to and reading themselves usually love to learn later in life. Set a time and place and read with a child every day.

Recording Audiobooks

Recording an audiobook can be a great way to learn how good a reader you really are. Do a practice round first, and get rid of outside noise.