Professional Reading-A How-To

Professional Readings Often authors will book a time at local book stores or other venues to perform readings of their book. It’s especially fun to hear the original author...

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Reading to Children, Feeding the Mind

Children If I could pick one group of people to read to for the rest of my life it would be children. Children always appreciate a good book, and they appreciate it when...

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Recording Audiobooks

Audiobooks-You Read, They Listen Perhaps you’ve decided to record an audiobook. I still remember listening to books on tape that my dad recorded into an old tape recorder....

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Expand the Mind-Book Reading

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Professional Reading

Professional readings are an important way to spread the news about your books. Keep the reading short and sweet so those who attend leave wanting more.

Reading with Kids

Children that grow up being read to and reading themselves usually love to learn later in life. Set a time and place and read with a child every day.

Recording Audiobooks

Recording an audiobook can be a great way to learn how good a reader you really are. Do a practice round first, and get rid of outside noise.